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Step by Step Drawing Superman

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Pick the pose you want to draw the Man of Steel in. Superman is known as the Action Ace, so he deserves to be depicted in a dramatic pose. Popular standing poses include showing him with his hands on his hips and legs spread apart, snapping chains across his powerful chest and ripping open Clark Kent’s shirt to display his distinctive “S” insignia (just not in front of Lois Lane). If you choose to show him in flight, it’s more dramatic to show him twisting at an angle or in a side pose with one arm extended and the other tucked in and one leg bent than to show him with both arms and legs extended.Get the proportions right. Generally speaking, Superman’s body should be about 3 times the width and 7 1/2 to 8 times the height of his head. The Man of Steel is described as standing from 6 feet 2 inches to 6 feet 4 inches (1.83 to 1.88 meters) tall and looking like a man weighing from 200 to 225 pounds (90 to 100 kilograms). If you’re depicting him flying up at you, you’ll want to foreshorten his body, and you’ll also want to use foreshortening on his arms if you want to show him punching straight ahead.Draw a preliminary form of the basic pose. Start with a circle for his head and a square for his jawline. Use a large rounded rectangle for his chest and smaller rounded rectangles for his Kryptonian 6-pack abs. Use sticks to represent his arms and legs until you work out the right pose and perspective.

  • Be sure to show Superman with a tapering torso. You don’t want him to look like a contestant in a Kryptonian belly-bucking contest. (Note, however, that artist Wayne Boring tended to draw Superman with a thicker waist than other DC artists did.)

Add in the details. Now’s the time to make the Metropolis Marvel’s well-defined musculature that shows him to be more powerful than a locomotive. Give him a broad, well-defined chest to support the “S” and powerful, sinewy arm and leg muscles and a strong, distinct neck to support his head. Expand his face from a circle into a rounded rectangle, with a cleft in the chin, thin lips, aquiline nose and mostly straight black hair with an S-curl forelock.Make it fit his form. The top of Superman’s blue shirt cuts a straight line across the top of his chest between the inner areas of his wrist and has sleeves that end at his wrists. His chest and arm muscles should be shown as rippling without bulging excessively. Likewise, his blue leggings should show sinewy leg muscles that enable him to leap tall buildings at a single bound.Draw a reference square on Superman’s chest. The top of the square can be the top of Superman’s shirt, but you’ll want a gap between the top of the actual insignia and the top of his shirt. The sides of the square should intersect where his nipples would be if he were shirtless, while the bottom of the square should strike halfway between his diaphragm and navel.Draw in the “S.” Superman’s S features a squarish serif at the top and a rounded serif at the bottom. The S should touch the inner border of the shield at the top right, top center, upper and lower portions of the lower left diagonal and center portion of the lower right diagonal. The upper and lower curve on the “S” curves should both be fairly thick, with the upper curve larger than the lower curve.

  • You’ll want to have several renderings of the Man of Steel’s insignia from the comics to refer to as you practice drawing the “S.” Note that during the period when the Earth-1 and Earth-2 Supermen were drawn with different insignias, the shapes of the “S” within those insignias differed slightly as well.

Color the insignia. The “S” and the shield border are red; the rest of the insignia is yellow.

  • Superman also has an insignia on the back of his cape, which should be drawn only if you’re showing the Man of Steel from the back. Its coloring has varied somewhat over the years, but has most often been rendered as a yellow “S” on a yellow pentagonal background.

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